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The  goal of the Safe House is to focus on the needs of the people in the community by providing basic everyday necessities like food, clothing, toiletries and transportation assistance.  The Safe House also provides health education and mentoring opportunities for boys and girls.

Our outreach is:

  • Needs oriented: Our outreach focuses on the needs of the people in the community.
  • Community driven: Our priority shall be given to opportunities that meet needs of those who reside within the North Greenwood community.
  • Focused: Our outreach will have a total group focus with opportunities for individuals or groups to participate and contribute toward the ministries.
  • Hands-on: Our outreach will be hands-on with each of the ministries. The outreach and community involvement is to work directly with those in need in the surrounding community.

Outreach is meeting the needs of our surrounding Greenwood community while expressing care in ways that build relationships and provide opportunities to share with those touched by the outreach.  Whoever gives to the poor will have everything he needs…..Proverbs 28:27